Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly applied interventions concerning aesthetic dentistry. It is required by patients who are not satisfied by the colour of their teeth or who would like lighter and brighter teeth. The colour of the teeth is genetically predetermened, like the colour of the eyes, hair etc. Today, it is possible to obtain much lighter teeth by applying whitening techniques. Teeth whitening in a dental office …  is a safe and painless method. It is  performed as follows: gel is applied on the teeth surface and then the gel is activated by a laser and cold-blue light. The gel base contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Before bleaching, we need to determine the initial colour of the teeth, protect the patient`s gums and mouth mucous membranes and put protective glasses on the patent`s eyes. The best results are achieved if  teeth whitening is performed by a dentists in a dental office. The treatment is repeated every day to achieve the desired results. After the last treatment the dentist compares the colour of the bleached teeth with the initial colour. The resulting tooth colour lasts about 2 years.

Teeth bleaching is harmless. Before the treatment, we must make sure that all the soft plaque has been removed. If there are fillings on the visible teeth, they have to be replaced because the whitening gels affect only the tooth substance. Certain patients`s habits can affect the achievement of the desired lighter tooth shade  and accelerate the appearance of stains and darker shades, especially if the patients return to  smoking, drinking coffee and tea in large quantities, drinking red wine …

In addition to in-office teeth whitening, there is a home teeth whitening for those patients who are unable to come to a dental office due to their obligations. This kind of bleaching is performed by Trey, specially designed for each patient according to the mold.

We can provide both in-office and home bleaching services.