Save on your dental treatment and up to 75%. Visit and explore your country!

The main reasons that lead to a rise in the popularity of dental tourism are significantly lower prices of dental services and the possibility of quick and inexpensive travel to the desirable destination.

The combination of nice and useful while saving significant sums of money.

In our practice we provide all services in the field of cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics and oral surgery. Modern diagnostic equipment, quality materials and our skillful doctors give top results in achieving healthy teeth and a beatiful smile.

If you decide to choose our practice, we can book accommodation for you close to Doljevac.

Doljevac has a very good geographical position and is located on the highway E75 (16km from Niš). The nearest airport is in Niš, only 18km away from us.

Doljevac is surrounded by interesting tourist destinations such as  Devil’s Town, Prolom Spa, Kopaonik and the sights of Niš ( The Skull Tower, Čegar, Mediana – the Roman archeological site, The Fortress, Niška Banja – Wellness and Spa).

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