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Stardent office has modern radiological equipment that enables high-quality, fast and accurate diagnosis. We offer our patients a complete X-ray service of both individual teeth and the entire jaw. This way, our patients can have a complete service in one place, without having to go to other institutions.

In our office we use RVG sensor, as well as the digital Ortopan for diagnosis and treatment. Such approach and way of recording provides a more accurate diagnosis, better communication with the patient and a low dose of radiation during the recording. Due to extremely low exposure, the patients are up to four times better protected than with the conventional X-ray recording.

The recordings are delivered on radiological film (foil) or high-resolution digital media (CD). If necessary, we can send the recordings via e-mail to your doctor or the further analysis.

RVG in dentistry is an acronym for radiovisiography and denotes a way of recording and diagnostics. The term “Digital RVG” means a recording on a digital sensor with display of images on a computer screen instead of using the conventional negative film.

This method is better, due to lower radiation dose used for recording, which is the biggest advantage compared to the conventional recording. Also, the computer processing of RVG provides a clearer and more precise image, enabling the dentist to set a more precise diagnosis and thus achieve a better result of treatment.

The current methods of RVG recording apply digital sensors to provide higher quality image, with significantly lower radiation dose required to record one or more teeth. For patients, this is a big advantage because the digital recording technique applies radiation doses up to four times lower than the doses required for the conventional film-recording.

Also, the computer image is much clearer, can be displayed in full screen (enlarge the entire image or individual parts), and by applying various tools, it can be subsequently processed. All of these methods provide a clearer picture of potential problems and enable the dentist to set a more accurate diagnosis and bring better final decisions. That is why today RVG digital recording is a standard in dentistry and not just another option for individuals.

Digital Ortopan represents a modern variant of the conventional ortopan used for recording the entire jaw. Its greatest advantage is essentially reduced dose of radiation and the immediate view of images on the computer monitor. The recording is permanently archived in our computer database, where it is available at any time; we can copy it on a CD or a USB memory or send it via e-mail.

The recording has a high resolution of the displayed structures, which allows us to note more details and set a better diagnosis compared to the conventional recordings. Pathological processes around all the tooth roots, the bone condition in cases of periodontitis, caries lesions on the teeth are all clearly visible, and it is much easier to set an Implant planning as well as an orthodontic treatment planning. From the diagnostic point of view, this is the most important recording for the timely detection of diseases of both the teeth and the surrounding structures.

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