Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a field of dentistry that includes treatment of teeth damaged by decay or trauma. The therapy includes treatment of caries, treatment of the infamation in the tooth pulp tissue (’the nerve’), treatment of infections in the tooth root canals, as well as restoration of traumatic damages on the tooth crowns.

All dental diseases treated by conservative dentistry are often followed by a heavy or weak pain, so it is common that patients insist on pulling the tooth out. Today, the imperative in dentistry is to save every single tooth and try to keep it in the jaw as long as possible.

Using the local anaesthetic, any intervention or treatment can be painless. The use of modern aesthetic materials enables achieving the natural look and colour of the teeth, especially in the visible parts of the jaw. Today, so called ’white fillings’ are not only considered aesthetically valuable, but they are also much more durable and resistan to high pressure.This is why they are more popular than amalgam fillings.

The treatment of the tooth pulp inflamation can be performed in one visit or several sessions, depending on the kind of disease.

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