solves the problems of missing teeth and allows restoring of teeth functions and good facial appearance. This include making of removable dentures, crowns and bridges.

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Ortopan center

succesfull therapy requires good diagnosis. X ray of teeth is mandatory when planning of prosthetic, orthodontic or implant treatment.

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Conservative dentistry

refers to managment of teeth damaged by decay or trauma. This includes decay removal and restoring of tooth crown, pulp tissue inflammation treatment, infected root canal treatment.

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Welcome to STARDENT

Stardent is a dental office where we provide all types of dental services according to the best global practice.

In the pleasant ambience of the dental practice  you can relax and be sure that you are in good hands of our experts who provide both knowledge and  experience.

Our Mission

The goal of Stardent Dental Office is to give the patients a beautiful and healthy smile and make them feel comfortable just like while visiting a friend. By applying the highest standards of quality, modern technologies and by using the best materials available on the market, we want to make sure that every intervention on your teeth is a masterpiece.


In the 21st century more attention has been paid not only to dental health but also to dental beauty. The patients’ aesthetic criteria are growing higher, so Stardent Dental Office takes great care that patients are satisfied with both the health and appearance of their teeth, and all this is achieved by expertise, continuous educational up-grading, as well as keeping up with the modern technology and applying it.
Our priority is to offer each patient a solution that meets their needs and capabilities to the mutual satisfaction.

The reasons for chosing our dental office

  • We are committed to every patient.
  • The skilled hands of our doctors will painlessly solve all your problems.
  • Our excellent professional team can perform the most complex prosthetic reconstruction of teeth or surgical intervention, not seeing it as a problem, but as a challenge.
  • We apply the latest techniques that appear on the market and use the highest quality materials to achieve maximum aesthetics and natural looks.
  • We are equipped with the latest devices.
  • Our dentists constantly up-grade their education in the country as well as in Europe.

Our doctors

Meet Our Team
Irena Rakić
Irena Rakić
Prosthodontics specialist
Dejan Marinković
Dejan Marinković
Oral surgery specialist

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Our Happy Clients

What people say about us:
Milena, Doljevac

These brilliant doctors gave me new whitish smile.

Milena, Doljevac
Nikola, Nis

I’ve had long-term tootache of wisdom tooth, but doctors Irena and Dejan solved my problem. Now, I could say that I’ve never been so happy. Thank You!

Nikola, Niš
Jenny Walker

I got denials from different dental doctors because of a unique and complicated case. Dr. Dejan however brought hope and eagerly took me into surgery that was successful. Now I can say that I’ve never been happier. Thank you Doctor!

Jenny Walker

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    STARDENT Dental Office
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      Nikola Tesla br. 41, Doljevac, Srbija

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      Telephone number: +381 (0)18 871188     Mobile phone: +381 (0)69 671188

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      Mn – Fr: 10:00 – 18:00    St: 10:00 – 14:00