Lumineers – No prep facets

Lumineers are thin layers made of a special kind of porcelain of extreeme durability. Their greatest adventage is that teeth they are placed on don`t need previous trimming, and after removing the lumineers, the teeth remain natural and undamaged. They can fill the space between the teeth, correct various tooth colour and extend the tooth`s reduced length. Lumineers are lab-made according to the previously made mold. They can be placed on both natural teeth and dental crowns and they represent a modern and very efficient solution concerning the improvement of dental aesthetics.

White fillings

Dental cavities require a conservative procedure that involves removing the infected tooth (caries) and setting up  adequate restorations (fillings).

Last generation composite materials fully meet the highest aesthetic standards. After the sanation, teeth look completely natural and match with other healthy teeth.

Besides aesthetics, restoring the function is also very important. Proper modeling of the feeling enables the proper fitting of the upper and lower jaw. This fitting is very important and if  done improperly, the patient may experience pain in the jaw joints, dental trauma, lack of proper chewing etc.

Therefore, setting the filling must meet both functional and aesthetic requirements and at the same time this must not violate the harmony of oral environment.

Composite facets

Facets are often the best aesthetic solution for achieving an ideal smile.

They can be used to change both the color and the shape of the teeth. They represent the best solution for small teeth or teeth with irregular surfaces, damaged, abraded teeth, teeth with small holes and cavities or teeth with diastema (gap). Facets correct irregularities and create a perfect smile. Facets are usually made in one visit. The procedure is the direct application and gluing the composite over the tooth surface without trimming, thus preserving the enamel and tooth structure.

Composite restorations

The greatest advantage of a composite restoration lies in the aesthetic advantages of composite materials which imitate the natural tooth structure to perfection .

Composite restorations are made using intrapulpal posts and composite materials, achieving natural look of non-vital (dead) teeth. Pulpal posts are used as support and are cemented in the tooth root canal.

Today, dental restorations are mainly made of composite posts reinforced by glass fibers. The most important feature of composite posts is their elasticity, which is very close to the elasticity of both dentin and composite materials. The elasticity of composite posts provides a favorable and balanced transfer of chewing forces along the root.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the process of removing a variety of stains and discolorations from the tooth surface, making teeth look whiter. Teeth whitening is a popular procedure because you can get beautiful white teeth without any incovinience at a very affordable price.

Teeth whitening is performed according to the latest technology using chemically activated bleach Opalescence Boost, produced by US manufacturer Ultradent, a world pioneer in the production of all types of bleach.

This teeth whitening method is completely safe. The bleach also contains  fluoride, known for its anti-cariogenic effect.

Every teeth whitening method, including applying this product or any other on the market, including lamps, lasers, treys etc. is performed by using carbamide peroxide which is the main ingredient of  every bleach. Its strenght or the percentage of its concentration  depend on the technique. In our practice we use the teeth whitening technique by applying light-polymerization lamp to activate the whitening gel.

The teeth  bleaching results range up to a few shades whiter teeth compared to the initial color. The procedure is completely painless, no worries …

Teeth whitening is not recommended to  pregnant women and children aged under 16 .

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