Stardent Dental Office offers the following services:


solves the problems of missing teeth and allows restoring of teeth functions and good facial appearance. This include making of removable...

Aesthetic dentistry

allows the correction of any patient dissatisfaction related to the color, shape or size of teeth.

Conservative dentistry

refers to managment of teeth damaged by decay or trauma. This includes decay removal and restoring of tooth crown, pulp tissue inflammation...


procedure for training of oral hygiene.

Oral surgery

involves series of surgical procedures in the mouth: tooth extraction, surgical extraction of wisdom teeth and remaining roots, treatment of jaw...


is the dentistry branch that addresses the corrections of jaw or dental irregularities.

The reasons for chosing our dental office

  • We are committed to every patient.
  • The skilled hands of our doctors will painlessly solve all your problems.
  • Our excellent professional team can perform the most complex prosthetic reconstruction of teeth or surgical intervention, not seeing it as a problem, but as a challenge.
  • We apply the latest techniques that appear on the market and use the highest quality materials to achieve maximum aesthetics and natural looks.
  • We are equipped with the latest devices.
  • Our dentists constantly up-grade their education in the country as well as in Europe.
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