Fixed braces

Fixed braces are mainly used in adult age and in expressed irregularities. Fixed dental braces give much better results than mobile braces because they can not be removed and are glued to the teeth, making the process of correction continuous.
Fixed dental braces can be metal, ceramic (white and slightly transparent) and sapphire (completely transparent). The period of wearing fixed braces is between one and two years, depending on the involved irregularities of the teeth and jaws. The decision on the form of therapy implementation is made after a detailed and comprehensive analysis of study models and X-rays (Ortopan and profile tele-X-ray) so that each patient receives optimal, individual therapeutic solution.

The application of fixed dental braces does not limit your creativity. By choosing different colors of ligature rubbers, you can make your fixed braces quite interesting. Below ceramic brackets, we can  put colorful rubbers and make metal braces also colored.

Self-ligation fixed dental braces – the application of self-ligatingdental braces shortens the duration of the treatment itself.

Aesthetic dental braces – for those who put aesthetics in the first place.

Removable dental braces

Removable dental braces is a form of therapy that is applied at a younger age. Timely diagnosis and early treatment with removable dental braces can fully correct orthodontic anomalies or significantly reduce the severity and shorten the subsequent treatment with fixed dental braces. Removable braces therapy usually takes 6 to 24 months, depending on the type of teeth and jaws irragularities that are present. To help children accept the braces more easily and to make them enjoy wearing the little braces, we can meet their requirements and make them unique by choosing one of indefinite combinations of colours and applications.

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